While there may be many competitors out there with brand stories very similar to your own, by sheer virtue of the fact that people and their individual experiences are unique, your organisation is unique. You have a treasure trove of anecdotes – unique stories – that only your organisation can tell.

Taking your stakeholders behind the scenes not only demonstrates your company culture in action, but it is also a very effective brand differentiator. It helps humanise your brand and build trust, whilst reinforcing exactly who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

When skillfully woven into the greater arc of your business narrative, strategic storytelling helps build the reputation of your company leaders as thought leaders, and establishes your company as a leader in your industry. This improves both your attraction and retention of top talent, suppliers, and customers, which in turn directly benefits your bottom line.

Measurable ROI

During my almost 2.5-year tenure as dedicated writer on the six-member PR team for Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa’s domestic manufacturing operations, we consistently met KPIs, and regularly exceeded our client’s R1.4-million (approx. €86,500) monthly target for earned and shared media coverage.

Ford experienced an increase in export demand from Europe, and in 2019 the brand supplied 25% more vehicles than its nearest rival to international customers, recording its best sales in the segment for the past 25 years. This massive growth created 1,200 direct new jobs in South Africa, plus 10,000 more in the value chain.

Our Ford team was voted Best Division/Team in the agency’s 2019 staff awards. I received recognition for outstanding writing from members of Ford’s C-suite and global communications teams, and was voted Best Writer in the agency for 2019.

Let’s collaborate

I am committed to delivering on-brand, error-free content, on budget, on time, every time. My freelance project fee is determined by the scope of work, and is dependent on several variables. The prices below are flexible, and serve as ballpark figures.

Key factors that affect (increase or decrease) a project fee might include:

  • Number of consultations with client and/or third parties (e.g. client’s social media team), to clarify the strategy and discuss content planning and development
  • Complexity of subject matter and amount of research and/or number of interviews required to obtain source material
  • Deadlines and urgency of the job
  • Number and level of edits and revisions
  • Change in the project’s scope of work, e.g. increase in number of words, pages, slides, speaking minutes, etc.
  • Auxiliary services, e.g. image sourcing, B2B ebook formatting
  • Bulk or recurring work, i.e. if the project is very large, or it is an ongoing assignment (e.g. regular blog posts), a discount may be negotiated

Rates 2021

Note: VAT not applicable

Clarity Call, 15 minutes | FREE

Virtual Consultation | €85 per hour or part thereof

Thought Leadership or Op-ed, up to 2,000 words | €1,700

Exec Bio, 150 – 1,000 words | €170 – €340

Press Release, up to 500 words | €170 – €340

Blog Post, 500 – 750 words | €170 – €340

Blog Post, 750 – 1,000 words | €340 – €680

Blog Post, 1,000 – 2,000 words | €680 – €1,360

Email Newsletter, 200 – 300 words | €170 – €255

Social Media Post | €85

Web Page | €85 – €340 per page

Business Playbook | €85 – €170 per page

Script for B2B Marketing Video | €85 – €170 per minute

Script for Webinar | €85 – €170 per minute

Script for Podcast | €85 – €170 per minute

Full Business Speech + Speaker Notes | €85 – €170 per minute

Slide Deck + Script | €85 – €170 per slide

B2B ebook, up to 2,500 words | €1,700 – €4,250

Adapt Webinar, Podcast, Speech, or Slide Deck to B2B ebook | €85 – €170 per minute of script

Case Study, 3 – 5 pages | €1,275 – €2,465

White Paper, 4 – 10 pages | €1,700 – €6,800

Guaranteed Paula Gruben value-adds

As a seasoned writer, with a sound marketing background, I don’t just produce ‘words on a page’. Every piece of SEO-friendly content I create includes: brainstorming and ideation, research and fact-checking, editing and proofreading.