Most of this website, which I first started building back in early 2016 during the pre-launch phase of Umbilicus, is dedicated to my work as an author.

When it came time for me to create an online writing portfolio – somewhere to showcase my experience and versatility as a professional writer, beyond the scope of author – the idea of leveraging this website, the established nucleus of my personal brand, was a no-brainer.

For more details about my career journey and educational background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.


My bread and butter

As a corporate storyteller, I specialise in public relations (PR) writing for print and digital media, as well as speech writing for C-suite executives. 

I have created business-to-consumer (B2C) copy for numerous corporate brands and, by proxy, many of the non-profit organisations (NPOs) these companies partner with on their corporate social investment (CSI) programmes.

My experience extends across editorials (profile feature articles, thought leadership, op-eds), advertorials, press releases, blogs, websites, brochures, newsletters, company magazines, executive biographies, keynote speeches, presentations, as well as internal communications.

An unashamed grammar geek and spelling nerd, I am a vocal proponent of the Oxford comma, and long-form content. Detail oriented and deadline driven, my strengths include brainstorming, conceptualising, desk and field research, face-to-face interviews, versatility (in subject matter, style, and tone of writing), copy editing, and proofreading.

Able to connect the dots, and not afraid to colour outside the lines, I am passionate about honing my craft, adding value to the world one succinct sentence at a time.

I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Below is a small sample of my work to date.


blic relations 

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