A quick heads up!

With sooo much going on at the moment, I thought I’d cobble together a brief blog post to keep you guys in the loop…


Today is Black Friday, and you’ll get Umbilicus less 50% over on Amazon.



Yesterday, a guest blog I wrote for Dave Henderson, founder of MYeBook, went live. It is a MUST-READ for South African indie authors wanting to build a business around their books.



A week ago, an interview I did for Sharon van Wyk aka The Blessed Barrenness, went live on her award-winning blog. A MUST-READ for anyone involved or working in adoption.



And last but certainly not least, in one week from now I will be returning to work full-time. Yip, as much as I have loved freelancing (working from home in my PJs) these past few years, now that Goran is settled into primary school (he starts Grade 2 in January), and I have the support structure to do so (my father-in-law who is living with us will take over all my weekday mommy duties), it’s time to get back in the saddle (fully clothed), and start earning a proper monthly salary again.

The Ford Motor Company has its very own advertising and public relations company called Global Team Blue (GTB), with offices on six continents. GTB (rebranded from Team Detroit in 2016) is a subsidiary of WPP, a huge British multinational advertising and PR company, with its main management office in London.

Here in Jozi, Meropa Communications in Sandton services the PR division of GTB in Bryanston, and I have been hired by Meropa as ‘Senior Consultant – Writer’ on the Ford South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa account. Although employed by Meropa, I will be based at GTB. I will also have a desk at Ford’s huge assembly plant in Silverton, east of Pretoria. Basically, I will eat, sleep, and breathe the Ford brand.

As you can see, I am going to be a VERY busy little bee, so my Incomer manuscript will be going on the back burner with immediate effect. I need to focus on this truly amazing career opportunity the Universe has bestowed upon me, and give it all I’ve got!



Enjoy what’s left of November, peeps. Just one month to go till Christmas!



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