Book Birthday

A year ago today I celebrated the soft launch of my book baby on Amazon.


Just over two months later I threw my official, in-store launch party. Those were heady days! Not that things have slowed down much since then. In fact, the past year has been one of the busiest and most productive of my life. But, it doesn’t end here…


I’d like to have the manuscript for my next book written, edited, and ready to start the submission process by year end. Yes, I have decided to give the traditional publishing route another go. And because the story is set in London, I figured it’s probably best I try find myself a UK-based literary agent and publisher.

On Saturday 5th August I am going to be doing an inspirational talk at King Edward VII Preparatory School‘s Mom’s Brunch fundraiser. Sam Cowen will also be speaking about her latest book From Whiskey to Water. Sam and I believe passionately in facilitating dialogue around our lived experiences with addiction and adoption respectively. The more openly we can talk about how these things affect our children and our families, the closer we’ll be to creating a more compassionate, cohesive society.

The following weekend I will be doing a two-day intensive writing workshop with bestselling author and maverick indie publisher Melinda Ferguson (MF Books Joburg is an imprint of Jacana Media, one of SA’s most reputable publishing houses). The course is a birthday present to, and an investment in, myself.

On Saturday 9th September I will be doing another inspirational talk at a Ladies’ High Tea fundraiser in Johannesburg, in aid of Ikholwa Children’s Home.

And the following weekend I am going down to Durbs for my 25-year school reunion.

I recently ‘unpublished’ about 98 per cent of the posts on my Jozibelle blog because I felt the content was outdated and riddled with too many dead links. But there is quite a bit of writing / publishing-related info that I am going to repackage and upload somewhere here on this website. I believe it’s important we all share our intellectual capital to help pave the way, in whatever small way we can, for others who want to follow in our footsteps, in whatever industry we’re in. #payitforward

Before I love and leave you, just a quick reminder that Umbilicus is now available in-store at Exclusive Books. If your branch doesn’t have stock, ask them to order a copy to be sent over from another branch for you. No extra charge! These are paperbacks printed and bound in South Africa, not print-on-demand copies shipped in from Amazon in the US or UK. It’s a win-win for our local bookstores AND their customers, as these copies are cheaper than their imported counterparts, we’re all supporting local industry, helping to grow our local economy, AND lowering our carbon footprint. #buylocal #supportlocal #localislekker #ProudlySouthAfrican

Oh, and if you haven’t yet listened to my recent radio interview on CapeTalk with the lovely Sara-Jayne King, check out the podcast here.


See you on the flip side! x



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