Cover Reveal!

Here, dear readers, is the brand spanking new cover for the 6″ x 9″ print version of Umbilicus, targeted at the Young Adult realistic fiction market.

It was conceptualised by me (using some broken knick-knacks from my craft cupboard, and table décor I nicked from someone’s wedding), then photographed by my beloved husband, and designed by him (in CorelDRAW), with lots of creative direction from me.

The tragic little figure represents the main character – the teenage me; a lost and broken soul – her heart torn between loyalty towards her forever family, and longing for her blood family, whom she doesn’t yet know. The silver cords connecting the two floating hearts to the central figure signify predestined spiritual links, and the subliminal triangle between the three hearts symbolises the adoption triad.

For those of you who want to get your hands on your own little string doll, check out the Watchover Voodoo website. Unfortunately the ‘Hanging Man’ (who helped me ‘to destroy bad luck and start all over again’) is no longer available, but you are sure to find a doll that resonates with you and/or the stage you are at in your life journey.

Till next time! x

Umbilicus 3D

Umbilicus Cover

Umbilicus Cover - front











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